"Builder's Brackets" - Jeep XJ Cherokee Front Bumper

CFM Industries, LLC
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For those of you looking to build your own front XJ/MJ Bumper, these are the brackets for you!  These will bolt on to the sides of the unibody and capture the steering box bolts, the anti-sway bar bushing bolts and of course the factory bumper bracket bolts.  They feature an additional 3 mounting bolt holes forward of the 2 factory bolts at the end of the frame for added strength.

Made from 7 gauge (3/16") thick "Laser Quality HRPO" steel plate (no mill scale, cleaner plate than standard mild steel, with better chemical composition) - Laser cut, sanded, and press brake formed bare metal.  Painting/Powdercoating/Finishing in some manner will be required.

Sold as a pair (LH and RH)