COBRE Corrosion Protection

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COBRE Corrosion Protection (Weld Thru Primer)

We have tried them all, and been disappointed with most of them! Weld through primer is an important product to use when layering metals and welding together.  We FINALLY found a product that not only protects well, but welds like there isn't anything there!  We use this all the time at the shop - simply spray on, let dry, and weld right over it!  It doesn't evaporate or cause any weld porosity, it just stays put and even forms itself around the weld once it cools off.  Perfect for the unibody and back-side of your XJ frame stiffeners or anything else you may layer and weld without access to paint in between afterwards.

From their website:
"Zinc Based Weld thru primer with the latest in copper additive technology - yields excellent corrosion protection while still allowing an exceptional welding process.

Suitable for all SPOT & MIG welding applications.

13oz. Aerosol Can"