Posted by Darren C. on Mar 28th 2018

Custom Fabrication - Getting Started / 2005 Ford Excursion Build

Hi all!  We are posting a few of our custom builds here on the blog for you to check out. 

The first custom build we will showcase is a 2005 Ford Excursion.  The rear suspension has been lifted via Deaver 7" leaf springs over a CFMi built Ford 10.5" rear axle.  

The axle features our mini-truss, Yukon gears, Yukon Zip Locker, all new bearings/seals/brakes, and some custom shock mounts.  

We added in 2.5" King remote reservoir shocks, and hung them in front of the axle instead of behind, and also moved the rear anti-sway bar up about 5" so it doesn't hang down so low.  This should give us a little more room for a big exhaust to fit through there.

Ford custom fabrication suspension

Once the rear was nearly buttoned up, we started on the front.  A 2008 front Dana 60 axle was sourced, and got the same treatment as the rear axle - a CFMi truss design, Yukon Gears, Yukon Zip Locker, all new bearings, seals, ball joints, and brakes.  

Our custom Ford also got a Reid Racing Passenger Side High Steer Knuckle, and an Artec High Steer arm.  Then the fun began!  

We designed a new HD transmission crossmember that not only holds the transmission in place, but also incorporates mounts for a 4-link system.  

No more leaf springs under the front of this heavy diesel!  We also started designing the upper coilover mounting brackets for it, and gutted the factory stuff out from under it.  

With the new axle mocked up in place, it is now time for design of some fabricated links, track bar mounts, and finishing up the steering system.  But that's where we are for now...  For more information on how you can get custom fabrication components for your off-roader, contact us.

Fabrication done right here in Colorado.