Nov 14th 2020

Custom Fabrication, the options are many | Colorado off road components

Off Road Fabrication | Building a truck for going off-road has many options...

..the internet will show you that.

  • What if you have an idea for a cross member, yet want it to fit your application and can't find one online? 
  • What if your suspension is binding and want expert advice on getting it right?
  • Putting a larger engine in? How about custom engine mounts from an older truck to a newer motor?

Built here in Colorado | Get your questions answered before you throw money at it. 


We build custom parts and have the computer CAD experience to go with the CNC plasma table to get it cut right and welded up correctly. Yes, we can bolt on accessories, and yes we have had customers come in with their cross members, motor mounts only to show them that they won't work because they are not designed for your application.

Get the right parts built the right way for your vehicle. Know what you need first. If there is an off the shelf product, we can help with that too. 

Getting you back on the trail is the goal, choose wisely. Click on either pic to go to our contact page.