Early GM Truck LS Specific Engine Crossmember

CFM Industries, LLC
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Here is our Heavy Duty replacement Engine Crossmember for the early model GM Trucks (designed off a 1971 model).  It features a full replacement of the factory crossmember and has adjustability front-to-back for engine placement.  LS Specific integrated motor mounts utilizing poly bushings included! Due to the design of the integrated motor mounts, we also leave room for the factory low-mount AC compressor! Possible slight clearancing of the frame rail may be needed, but on our prototypes it was not required at all - however you will need to purchase some tight right-angle hose adapters for use at the compressor fittings.  There is a drop-out tubular center section for oil pan access.  

INSTALLATION of this crossmember should be bolted in with the included hardware!  It is NOT recommended that any part of the crossmember be welded to the frame rails as this can lead to stress cracks, especially if welded too hot.  A bolted / riveted connection is a far superior frame connection!

This item is "Make to Order", and can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to fabricate before shipping, depending on our current workload!