GM Squarebody H.D. Replacement Engine Crossmember

CFM Industries, LLC
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This is an Ultra Heavy Duty replacement Engine Crossmember for the K-Series Squarebody '73-'87 GM Trucks (thru '91 for the SUV's).  It features a full replacement of the factory crossmember and the side "triangles" that your motor mounts bolt to (yes, this means you have to lift and support the engine to install this - but we feel that little extra effort is worth the additional strength!)  It bolts into some of the rivet holes, and there are a few more holes that will need to be drilled.  There is a drop-out center section for oil pan access, and there are also track bar tabs for installing a track bar when changing to crossover steering.  **This crossmember will also clear LS Engine oil pans :)

Fits best with 4" of lift or greater.  With shorter lift heights, there is a chance of the front axle hitting the crossmember, and at stock height it will definitely make contact.  We are working on a slightly different design to work with stock height vehicle, please contact us for more details.

Please Note that this is for 4WD trucks and/or 4WD conversions only!  This will not work on a 2wd frame that is remaining 2wd!!

**Added note about 2wd conversions - you must use 4wd motor mounts, the 2wd mounts will not bolt up correctly!

Don't forget that we can also supply H.D Motor mounts (both stock replacement and LS swap styles) along with this crossmember!

This item is "Make to Order", and can take anywhere from 1-14 days to fabricate before shipping!