Jeep XJ Cherokee Winch Bumper

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This is the ultimate heavy duty winch bumper for the XJ Cherokee.  Early models (pre '97) will have to have the front fenders trimmed in order to fit this bumper.  The bumper is designed for "non-integrated" style winch solenoid boxes that can be relocated under the hood or elsewhere.  For small-frame winches only (most 10,000lb and under, some 12k winches as well).  The bumper fits very tightly to the winch, creating as much clearance as possible without putting the winch in front of the radiator for superior engine cooling.  Side re-enforcement plates that bolt to the swaybar bolts, steering box bolts, and more provide additional strength for a very solid mounting system.  D-Shackle tabs are included that will hold either 3/4" or 7/8" shackles (shackles not included).

Features of our bumper:

  • 7 gauge (3/16") thick HRPO steel plate (no mill scale, cleaner plate than standard mild steel)
  • Winch is located fully under the radiator for the best airflow and engine cooling possible
  • Double thickness plate (3/8") where winch mounts with lightening holes
  • Access port for winch free-spool handle located under bumper 
  • Winch mounts with the "feet" up, allowing for a higher cable exit
  • D-shackle tabs that can hold either 3/4" or 7/8" shackles (shackles not included)
  • Sides stick out from fenders just enough to "land" a tube for a cage, but not far enough to lose clearance
  • Sides follow body back enough to look good with a full fender, but are short enough to trim fenders and have extra clearance for larger tires.
  • Side re-enforcement plates included that add additional bolting to the bumper, steering box bolts, and swaybar mounting bolts
  • Front tubular bar for protection, looks, and a spot you can add light tabs to

Standard finish is bare steel, fully welded, with outside welds ground smooth.  Minor surface imperfections and occasional weld imperfections will need to be filled prior to painting, bedlining or powdercoating.  This is how we like to ship these, in case slight shipping damage occurs it can be corrected before final finishing.

This bumper is built to order, lead times vary but expect 7-10 business days before shipping. 


Winches we have tested to fit (so far...):

Warn M8000
Smittybilt XRC 9.5k
Smittybilt XRC 12k