1st Gen Toyota Tacoma Rear Chevy Spring Hanger Set

CFM Industries, LLC
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These are a pair of rear leaf spring hangers (for the front spring eye bushing) to be used when swapping Chevy/GM 63"/64" rear leaf springs into a 1st Gen Toyota Tacoma.  They are designed for a spring bushing that is approximately 3" wide utilizing a 9/16" bolt.  These spring hangers have been designed with the correct offset so that the wider Chevrolet spring's centerline is kept in the same position as the factory spring mount, ensuring they will line up with your axle mounts perfectly.

Due to to nature of a spring conversion like this requiring cutting, grinding, welding, etc... and that it is highly critical it be done properly for everyone's safety, it is recommended that such a project only be completed by a competent, professional shop.  ** Off Road Use Only! **  It is highly likely that suspension modifications like this are illegal to drive on the street where you live!!

Item comes unwelded, in raw steel finish only.


If you want to protect your project from future rusting in the best way we have found, you may want to grab a can of Cobre Weld-Through Primer as well - simply spray it on the inside of the two metal mating surfaces and let dry before you weld them together - it will provide a barrier of protection in areas you cannot cover with paint once the project is done.  (It's the copper colored areas in the product picture)