Toyota Tundra 2007+ Bed Side Stiffeners

CFM Industries, LLC
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Bed Side Stiffeners for your Toyota Tundra!  These were designed with 8 bolts per side for strength while retaining a lower height in order to clear your bed drawer system and most any bed cage system.  When installed, they clear 49" across the bed so a 4'x8' sheet of material will still lay flat on the tailgate.

They come with nut plates for the underside of the bed floor for ease of install and also greater strength.  There are two options for the side (upright) bolts - either a full nut plate for ultimate strength or rivet nuts (rivnuts, nutserts) for easier installation.  The full nut plate needs to be installed from the opening in the top of the bed rail (see pic) so you would need to pull up the plastic bed rail covers (and lift any bed cage system or topper that mounts there as well)  If you are not able to get to the top of your bed rails anymore (or simply do not want to!) then select the rivet nut option and you will install the rivet nuts directly into the bed side (simple installation tool included!).

Bare steel is standard finish, ready for you to paint or powdercoat in your choice of colors locally.  Optional painted finish in either Steel-It satin black or grey is available.

** Drilling is REQUIRED for installation!


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